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PLUTO Release 3.30

EXAKOM is glad to announce PLUTO release 3.30 with a lot of new features, web enhancements, intelligent objects, new drivers and plenty improvements to work easier and faster.

New features
  • New application Web Analytics for Data Mining
  • New friendly application to clean data in the database
  • New Objects: Pareto, Histogram, Statistical table, Online Weather
  • New DB driver for Osisoft PI, Panorama Scada
  • New Big data Export module, capable to export 10 times more data
  • Plenty improvements to work easier & faster


BINTZ technics has demonstrate PLUTO at INDUMATION exhibition in Belgium from Feb 6 to Feb 8, 2019. During the event, visitors discovered the last product's innovations like Pluto Web Analytics.


EXAKOM at SPS Germany with HMS

EXAKOM present PLUTO during SPS IPC DRIVES in Nuremberg, as a selected Solution Partner of HMS industrial Networks. During the event we were able to demonstrate the perfect integration with the ewon IIoT platform to collect data from Ewon flexy's worldwide and create fantastic web monitoring applications in few clicks.


PLUTO Release 3.20

New features
  • New Web Monitoring application to play unlimited monitoring from a web browser
  • New Expression objects to create live analytics
  • New Dynamic Image object to create Digital Signage messages
  • New PcVue Historian driver to leverage data from PcVue Scada history
  • New GE Proficy Historian driver supporting numeric and string values
  • Plenty improvements...