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EXAKOM is a software company specialized in big data and digital solutions for plant and iiot analytics. Based in Provence and Boston, the company is selling its products since more than 15 years in more than 20 countries through a network of qualified partners. Its leading product is PLUTO live & web report, a modern and robust out of the box software to do live Monitoring and Reporting applications.

EXAKOM is a pioneer in developing innovative data analysis products for the industrial automation market. The company objective is to provide intuitive products for end users who wants to easily extract analytics and design fast data visualization applications from any kind of data sources.

Our customers are companies looking for friendly solutions to create themselves data analysis projects combining values from different processes. They want, for example to understand the interaction between the energy consumption and the process, compare behaviors at different time, detect deviations and take decision on clear analysis. Our products have been designed to help people from industrial plants and smart building to optimize their operations even with millions of information.


EXAKOM was created to develop business intelligence software’s for the building and the industrial automation markets. Our developers are experienced engineers specialiazed in scada systems with a strong IT and database education, to design and develop the most intutitve and robust data analysis products.

I decide to start the PLUTO project after my own experience to create reports with classical reporting software solutions. At that time, I was able to measure the gap between office solution and the requirements of the industrial automation reality. The project vision was clear. We should design a robust and reliable application running 24 hours a day to be proactive, and very friendly to be used by anyone. Not a technical product, but a modern and simple tool that people could use after few hours of practice. Not just a reporting tool, but an information management system providing data analysis in multiple views and for multiple applications to satisfy and exceed our customer's expectations.

PLUTO is clearly the result of 25 years of relationship with people operating and managing plants, machines and buildings. That’s why the product has been built bottom up to respect all connectivity requirements to connect, collect and leverage even big data warehouses. Regarding the front-end applications, it was clear for us that we should provide the same professional quality as we can find in BI software industry. That’s one of the reason I design the front-end interface myself and test all configuration modules with few trusted customers and partners.

The future is about the digital transformation, and the benefits of getting analysis from plants, machines and devices to take the right decision fast. This can be possible only if this transformation is available and accessible for each of us, large and small companies. And more important, if all people involve can create, define and change it, because analytics must be improved anytime. That's why PLUTO is simple to be adopted by the huge majority of people. Digital transformation can't be the business of few experts, but the concern of all of us everyday.

PLUTO is one of the unique on premise solutions when the market is clearly cloud based oriented. We are not against the cloud, we just want to give to our customers to possibility to choose the best architecture for them. Some will install PLUTO on site and some with put it in their cloud, for their benefit and their security.

In conclusion, we are pragmatic dreamers, trying to develop simple and robust integrated products for everyone who wants to make decision on clear information. We do it for a cost-effective budget because we believe that tomorrow every company will have to adopt and implement a digital transformation solution and PLUTO is certainly their best option !

Dominique Dias


EXAKOM has hundreds of international references in multiple verticals for ENERGY MONITORING, OEE, PRODUCTION PLANTS, WATER PLANTS and SMART BUILDING. The company has more than one hundred certified system integrators worldwide and offers training and technical assistance anywhere in the world.

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Our Values

Quality First

Our job is to integrate multiple layers of technologies, and turn it into a simple software solution with maximum quality.


We treat each client with loyalty and respect. We listen attentively to their goals and needs to improve our products everyday.


Our relationships with clients is clear and transparent to maximize efficiency and results.