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IBS 2019, Paris

Since 2010, Intelligent Building System in Paris is the French event for the the Smart Building community. With more than 7000 visitors and hundreds of hardware & software exhibitors, IBS became the place to be to demonstrate the latest technologies in terms of ENERGY monitoring, BMS systems, IIot Technologies and many more. A usual, EXAKOM with its technology and reseller partners will demonstrate the benefits PLUTO LIVE & WEB REPORT for the building automation market.

IBS 2019

Connected Building, Madrid

Connected Building is an event organized by SIDE spain, the HMS Ewon and PLUTO distributor for Spain. During this event SIDE will demonstrate the ease of use of the IIot solution based on Ewon Flexy and PLUO products.

Flexthink Portugal

FlexThink seminar is an opportunity for automation customers to learn how to take advantage of Ewon products equiped with IIoT technology to easily collect data from machines, plants and buildings. During the event organized by PROSISTAV in Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto, EXAKOM will demonstrate how fast it is to create remote information management application with PLUTO LIVE REPORT.

Flexthink by HMS Ewon