Pluto M2M Application


Pluto M2M SERVER provides a secure, fault-tolerant infrastructure for communicating and managing the information exchange between remote devices and the enterprises applications. It acts as a device data center, storing and managing live and historical information in a secure environment.


Pluto M2M application is a powerful web based HYPERVISOR. It surpasses other Scada systems by providing Monitoring and Data Analysis in the same application. Users can visualize, control and take process and business decisions based on real time and reporting values displayed in the same view. Scalable and very reliable, it enables the user to manage thousands of sites/devices from a web browser.


Pluto M2M Hypervisor is made up of three main applications:


Device Management

User Management
- Access rights

Up to date list of all devices deployed
- Self-registration of device
- Device list with filtering and sorting
- Device status, access and configuration

Detail information about each device
- Device ID, Customer, location, start time, contact
- Serial number, manufacturer, field engineer information
- List of onsite intervention, notes and summary

Device Analysis

Data logging into SQL Server database
- Automatic database management and cleaning
- backup storage
- Feed 3rd Party applications (CRM, ERP, BI, etc.)
Advanced data reporting and analysis
- Live mode with dynamic dashboards
- Supports multiple views (Tables, Charts, Pies, Bars, KPIs, etc.)
Automatic Excel & PDF report generation
- On event and On Schedule
Automatic report distribution
- Supports multiple recipients (emails, servers, printers)

Device Monitoring

Advanced visualization mode
- State of the art graphics (Images, Gif, Flash)
- Powerful navigation by list of device or cartography with zooming
- Proactive animation (event base)
- Advanced object animation (fill color, blink, hide/show)
- Multiple views (Graphics, Alarms, Charts)
Powerful Control mode
- Password protected (login/logout)
- Confirmation option
- Force set points, change status, reset.
- Execute commands