Pluto M2M Connector

Pluto M2M Connector is a scalable solution, ideal for small applications requiring less than 20 I/O points to huge application requiring hundreds of I/O points. This self-contained system gives you everything needed to create high-performance yet economical monitoring and control installations.

Connector Caracteristics

All in one module specially designed for the M2M market.

Electronic components are from the most recent generation and support rugged temperatures (-40°C. +70°C)

MTBF of 400 000 Hours (45 years, low power technology inside)

Small size for easy integration into machines, devices, equipment, etc.

Easy to configure through an intuitive software

Multi communication port for multiple modems: PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G, DSL, VSAT, Ethernet networks

Modular product, supporting 20 to 1000 Digital and Analaog I/O points

Local control functions to execute process loops in Visual Basic or Ladder

Battery Charger inside, enabling connector to run up to 1 week if main power fails

25 000 units are already installed in the field