EXAKOM Services

Data management and data analysis are generating interest and excitement across multiple companies in multiple makets. Configuring PLUTO products efficiently can be time consuming even for experienced development organizations. They must ensure that they can support and manage diverse technologies, products and applications.

At Exakom, we believe the strategic importance of PLUTO products and their impact on your business. No two M2M or Reporting projects are alike, so it is important to provide customers with options for professional services, education, and support designed to reduce the implementation time and cost but also to maximize application value and efficiency.

Based on more than 10 years of experience, Exakom provides a range of services to ensure the initial and ongoing success of your projects. These include:


Hosted Applications

Exakom customer's can choose to buy EXAKOM products and deploy them in their infrastrucure or ask to host their applications. In this case the application resides on EXAKOM's servers and are accessible through a web browser. 

The ASP model provides important advantages:

  • Low cost of entry (scalable solution)
  • Short setup time (application done by experts)
  • IT head count and infrastructure savings (human resource, software application, database,...) 
  • Lastest software improvements and upgrades available
  • Permanent support (for improvements and corrections)
  • Application up time (redundant infrastructure)


Professional services

Exakom maintains a Professional Services organization that works directly with customers on implementation or adaptation of Pluto software products to meet customer needs. This group includes project management, architects, software development, and testing resources. This group is based out of Lyon, France, but works onsite at customer locations worldwide.

A typical implementation includes the following Professional Services:

  • Project discovery workshop
  • Server and Database configuration
  • Software configuration
  • Code source modification for custom features

Exakom Training courses are designed to help personnel, who are involved in a project. The course will teach the PLUTO platform architecture, features, and capabilities. Through Exakom Technical Training courses, developers will learn to:

  • Connect and communicate with real time and historian data sources
  • Put in place a clean and accurate data logging startegy
  • Prepare all valuable information to feed Pluto or other applications
  • Configure reports accordingly
  • Leverage the benefits of a Client Server solution
Customer Support

With a qualified staff with years of collective experience in supporting customers, we have the services, processes, technology, and expertise to assist keeping your Pluto projects running smoothly.

Customer support is available for all Pluto projects covered by the maintenance program. Do not forget to verify and renew the maintenance contract for your licenses. Support includes phone and e-mail response from Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CET, excluding major French holidays.