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 Sept. 2016: EXAKOM announces IoT driver for SIGFOX network.

The IoT business is a growing reality and the company SIGFOX is one of the most important Iot network provider. EXAKOM is glad to announce for PLUTO Live Report release 2.82 a native SIGFOX driver to connect and retrieve data from the cloud to feed local SQL Databases.


 Aug. 2016: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.8

 Windows 10 compliance
 Alarm generation based on Statistics (sql queries)
 External Alarm tables from Scada Systems can be connected to execute report of Alarms
 Creation of Alarm Filters to configure all report objects  
 All Objects can retrieves Alarm Count and Alarm Duration based on Filters
 New Alarm Statistical Table to Count, Sort and dispaly Alarms by Occurence or Duration
 New functions PREVIOUS value and EFFICIENCY available in all Report Objects
 New function CUMULATED value available in Tables, Bargraphs and Time Charts
 Scrolling mode available for all tables
 PYRAMID and FUNNEL rendering available for PIE report object
 Automatic Data Export in csv format to feed other application locally and remotely (Cloud)
 Monitoring Mode supports multiple sreens operating different views
 User Mode enables to define report START and END time manually
 Bargraph supports linear regression combining data from diffrent sources and timing
 Chart object supports BIG Data
 New Database Driver for PostgreSQL
 Report Mailer can send both pdf and xls reports
 New Time Periods for Heating and Cooling periods
 Buttons to laod reports, open files, launch third party software and url links
 Overall performance optimization


 June. 2016: EXAKOM exhibit at Smart Energies Paris

Smart Energies is an event dedicated to innovative technologies, solutions and products to better manage energy. Visitors can also attend to conferences where the market leaders and startups present their visions and solutions. EXAKOM will be the only company presenting an all in one product to collect, aggregate and leverage data with a configurable and very simple product.


 Apr. 2016: EXAKOM exhibit at Pollutec Brasil and sign distribution agreement with EXATA

EXAKOM exihibit for the first time at Pollutec Brasil to demonstrate the uniqueness of PLUTO LIVE REPORT software for applications such as energy management, treatment of pollutions and resource optimization and signs distribution agreement with EXATA.


 March. 2015: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.65 

- New Database Driver for SQL SERVER 2012
- New Database Driver for Siemens DESIGO (Citect Based)
- New Database Driver for Proficy Historian (GE) supporting all statistical functions
- SQL SERVER Driver enables to overwrite data (from csv and statistical module for example)
- New Realtime Driver for Siemens OZW (BT Division)
- PLUTO Historian enables to scale value before logging
- OPC Bridge has been improved to browse huge number of tags
- Smart Browser enables to drop tags in multiple smart variables
- Statistics can be ordered to change the execution priority
- Ressources for statistics can be sorted and ordered
- Ressources have a new option 'Set Default Value' in case query is NULL
- Index Deviation function supports counter reset
- Statistical table can be sliced by Batch
- Statistical table display timestamp for Min/Max/First/Last functions 
- Bargraph can be sliced by Batch
- Bargraph, show values' option displays time format for Duration functions
- Scales for Bargraph and Chart can be adjusted (color & size)
- PLUTO4Office supports Excel 2010 and 2013 versions


 Sept. 2014: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.60

- PLUTO LOOP MODE integrates control buttons [ Play | Pause | Next | Previous | Refresh ]
- PLUTO OBJECT LIBRARY has been implemented in the report editor
- PLUTO EDITOR supports wmv and mp4 VIDEO FILES
- PLUTO EDITOR supports A3 Format
- PLUTO WEB REPORT user interface has been improved with a modern Ribbon
- EXTERNAL C# MATH functions can be incorporated into any PLUTO project
- SYSTEM TAGS are available
- DRIVER PROFICY HISTORIAN from G.E, iFix Scada family products is available
- STATISTICS can be executed on event in both real time and differed mode
- RESSOURCES for statistic expressions, support Duration and Count BETWEEN functions
- STATISTICAL TABLES enable to display values in a Duration format [ Days: Hours:Min:Sec]
- TABLES, CHARTS, BARS and PIES enables to extract and compare values from Different time periods
- BARGRAPH enables to mix multiple rendering options (Bar, Column, Line, Point...)
- XY CHART: X scale is totally configurable


 Sept. 2014: EXAKOM will present PLUTO release 2.60 during IBS 2014

EXAKOM and its partners RG2I and Control & Protection will present PLUTO release 2.6 during IBS exhibition on Sept 24 & 25, 2014 at CNIT La Défense Paris.
This exhibition is the major event to demonstrate energy management solution for the french market.


 Jan. 2014: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.50

EXAKOM Automation is proud to announce the release 2.50 of its reporting and business intellegence software package. This new version integrates significant improvements and new features such as:

- Implementation of the latest framework for better performance and stability
- DIAPORAMA Mode to play reports in loop on large screens
- CSV driver, to automatically read and insert the content of txt/csv files in any databases
- Statistics can now be calculated and inserted in the database in differed mode
- Bargraphs and tables support calculation between columns
- Statistical table can display the week N°
- New "Index Deviation" function, when there is only 1 data point in the period...


  July. 2013: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.20

EXAKOM Automation is proud to announce the release 2.20 of its reporting and business intellegence software package. This new version integrates significant improvements and new features such as: 

- New databases drivers for Oracle, Pi (Osisoft), SQL server 2012 
- Implementation of direct Expressions in most reporting objects 
- Import and export functionnalities to facilitate collaborative work 
- Easy and fast deployment of reports for multiple sites 
- Possibility to log values and statistics either in UTC or LOCAL time 
- Implementation of linear regression function in trends ...


April. 2013: Roadshow near Lyon 

EXAKOM, RG2i and Orange organise a roadshow in Chaponnay near lyon at HOTEL Mercure. During this event customer will see how to configure a complete PLUTO LIVE REPORT project in less than 2 hours.  


Mar. 2013: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.10

EXAKOM development team is pleased to announce the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.10. This new version includes a Demo project to easily demonstrate the product, a Native Oracle Driver, Direct Expressions in Smart values and labels, and couples of improvements for mass report execution, product installation, chart rending... 


Sept. 2012: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.0

EXAKOM development team is pleased to announce the release of PLUTO Live Report 2.0. This new version includes a lot of new features like PLUTO Web Reports, a new user management, the introduction of batch functions, new time periods and some nice improvements for PLUTO4Office, License protection, etc. All customers using version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 can immediately upgrade their license for free.


May. 2012: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO4Office

EXAKOM extends the usage of PLUTO with PLUTO4Office. This new module will automatically export Pluto data to MS Excel. In the coming months Pluto4Office will feed with clean and accurate data other Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint.


March. 2012: EXAKOM announces the release of PLUTO Live Report 1.1

EXAKOM development team is proud to announce the release of Pluto 1.1, a new reporting solutions for industrial automation that delivers live reports to multiple users and automated reports in multiple file formats. PLUTO differentiates from other solutions by being design in 64 bits and by providing live reports.


Nov. 2011: EXAKOM demonstrates Pluto with OPC UA technology

AREVA, 4CE Industry and the OPC foundation have organized a special event to present and demonstrate the OPC UA technology. EXAKOM was invited to present PLUTO Live REPORT connected to multiple OPC UA servers running on Windows, Windows CE, Linux and Linux Embedded.


Oct. 2010: EXAKOM provides M2M application to Rajhi Bank

EXAKOM and its partner ABANA will provide an overall M2M application to Rajhi Bank, one of the leading KSA bank. The application is designed to remotely manage and monitor the bank's ATM site and will be a dimension to support up to 1000 sites. The objective is to increase site efficiency, reduce maintenance cost, reduce energy consumption by controlling site lights and HVAC systems.