PLUTO Live REPORT (Pluto) differentiates from other reporting solutions by being designed with the latest technologies and by providing advanced features for reporting projects in a simple and very efficient manner.


Technology Benefits

64 Bits code:

Pluto is one of the primary industrial software made in 64 bits. It represents a wise and secure investment by providing great performances and long term perspectives.
More than any other application, a good reporting tool manipulating millions of data requires the best performance.

Client server architecture

PLUTO is a true CLIENT SERVER solution offering unique perspectives for companies looking for an easy solution to manage, share, schedule and deliver critical information across the enterprise. The project runs on a secured server, users can install Pluto Client on their machine to access it for configuration and report visualization purpose.

Users can benefit from the collaboration of colleagues to improve the application. they can access and update any time, any report through the live mode. 
As a result the information is easily accessible from any client giving a new dimension to your plant information management system.

Strong OPC integration

Pluto integrates both OPC UA and OPC DA client to connect most of real time data source available. The Unified Architecture (UA) is the next generation OPC standard that provides a cohesive, secure and reliable cross platform framework for access to real time and historical data and events.

With OPC DA, EXAKOM provides an OPC DA Bridge to easily connect most of existing DA servers installed in the past 10 years, avoiding complex DCOM configuring. The Bridge is included in all Pluto licenses at no extra cost. The objective is to connect easily and quickly old OPC DA Servers to Pluto.

 OPC Foundation link

Amazing User Interface

The user interface is certainly the main visible difference between Pluto and other solutions because Pluto was developed according to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The result is impressive. The product is more simple to configure and the reports' quality is clean and enables to make professional templates.

Windows Presentation Foundation was created to allow developers to easily build the types of rich applications that were difficult or impossible to build in Windows Forms. WPF is the platform of choice for today's visually demanding applications with its inherent support of rich media, data visualization, complex text content, dynamic interactive experiences, and branded or custom look and feel. For these types of applications, WPF provides significant advancements in areas such as advanced layout, control skinning and styling, animated hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, and built in support for rendering of rich documents.

Features benefits

Data Logging in Multiple Databases:

Pluto Historian enables users to log data and statistics in multiple databases. The product is not only a reporting tool but also a powerful historian and a perfect PLANT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PIM) capable of feeding clean and accurate data to other applications such as MES, ERP and BI software.

Advanced Alarming Module

Many customers need to get reports of alarms. Some of them already have a scada system logging alarms but the vast majority are looking for an alarming module capable to generate alarms with advanced attributes to sort and filter it according to multiple parameters. This is exactly what Pluto Alarms does. It will delight users by being simple and will certainly exceed most customers' expectations

Simple Tag Naming Structure

The main obstacle for any person, even for IT people, when creating reports is not the quality or the complexity of the software but simply how to select the right variable from the information systems. This problem is even bigger with industrial automation data sources. Now, imagine you could get a clean and simple tag naming for all your variables. This is what Pluto Smart Browser resolves. Users can create the ideal tag mapping structure and link it to the appropriate industrial tag. As a result, with Pluto everybody will be able to easily create reports.

Simple and Fast Objects Configuration

The user interface has been designed to offer the most intuitive and simple way to configure reporting objects.
- Time periods are, for example, defined as resources configured once in the project and then available for all objects.
- The object property grid supports the selection of multiple objects to configure them all together.
As a result, creation, duplication and modification of reports takes minutes rather than hours.

Live Reports

Pluto generates and distributes reports automatically but also enables users to visualize and update reports any time in Live Mode. The live mode combined with the Client Server architecture allows multiple users to easily connect and get the last up to date data analysis on their screens.
Pluto's dasboards also enables users to intreract with reports and, for example, replay reports from the past.

Easy Comparison of Data and Reports

Pluto enables users to easily compare values, series of values and statistics either directly inside Pluto reporting objects or by displaying multiple reports in the same view in the report viewer module.

 - Comparisons in report objects

Most of report objects, such as Pies and Bar graphs, enable users to display values from diffrent time periods. It facilitates to compare and see deviations from a single object.

- Comparisons of multiple reports

The new report viewer module enables users to display multiple reports from any Pluto Client in the same view to easily compare reports together. Users just have to select and open the reports expected to compare them easily and quickly.

Reports on Demand

From the report viewer module, all users can select any report template and generate new reports on demand by just selecting the appropriate time period and click on the new generation button. This is the best solution to generate missing reports, reports holding historical data or simply to generate and replace reports that has been modified.