PLUTO4Office enables users to define multiple excel templates to automatically export data in MS Excel without doing any macro. It represents the most simple and powerful solution to feed clean and accurate data to Excel documents.


PLUTO4Office Description

One of the key benefits of Pluto Live REPORT's technology is its perfect integration with Microsoft products. Pluto4Office is a typical example of this integration; it enables the user to connect to any Pluto Server to have access and export data defined in Pluto Objects.

PLUTO4Office is seen as an Excel add in and visible in the Ribbon.

  1. Users must first select the Pluto Server and connect.
  2. Then, they can select one Pluto Report at a time. Once selected they can see all report objects defined for this report (object mapping at right).
  3. They can define multiple excel templates.To export data they just have to drag and drop the object in any datasheet. Pluto4Office only exports data and tables. Users can add to their templates graphics and expressions linked to the data exported.
PLUTO scheduler will automatically generate PDF or XPS reports and all related Excel reports.
PLUTO Mailer will send automatically Excel reports to its recipients list.

PLUTO4Office Benefits:

  • Full integration with MS Excel for template configuration and design
  • Configuration can be done remotely from any computer
  • Doesn't require any specific competences; it's pure configuration
  • Enables users to export in multiple files and in any datasheet
  • Excel reports are generated and distributed automatically